October 21 to 23, 2011

UC Berkeley, California

A culmination of the brightest Drupal minds in the technology hub of the world


Make Drupal fly with Varnish magic!

We love Drupal. We have a great system with many modules and great innovation benefits contributed by thousands of developers and of course we want to have it all!

So we will reach soon the moment when we will have a big system that carries a vast amount of queries per page load hungry for Megabytes for its PHP memory size. YumYum!

Every Drupal fellow feeds Drupal well with modules, however, it quickly becomes overweight.

Having the experience of more than 250 developed projects we pledge that Drupal performance can be vastly improved according to the website's goals.
We want to show how we make Drupal fly!

We present the right tools to always achieve the results of the powerful CMS enhanced with amazing performance.

In this session we plan to show two of our recent projects were where we accomplished a full integration between Drupal and Varnish in order to create the optimal
performance architecture.

The covered key topics include:

- Drupal setup for scalability.

- Integration between Varnish and Drupal

- Advanced varnish techniques


- Optimize web pages to make them load faster.
Intended audience

The session is geared for intermediate level developers and site administrators. We'll assume familiarity with PHP, Drupal architecture, and the typical web server stack.
Questions answered by this session

What is site performance

How to estimate the capacity of a web site setup

How to make scalable architectures using Drupal and Varnish

How to effectively monitor the site performance

Why and how important is the web-page optimization


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