October 21 to 23, 2011

UC Berkeley, California

A culmination of the brightest Drupal minds in the technology hub of the world


Crazy Fast Theming with Omega + Delta + Context & Features

A theming workflow based on 960 grid using Omega as a foundation will make you crazy fast! Omega + Omega Tools + Context + Delta + Features is crazy fast & totally flexible. No-code required.

With Drupal 7 came a lot of changes. It was also released as browsers have matured and offer great support for HTML5/CSS3. Mobile is the new frontier. Are you looking to take advantage of these changes? Are you looking for a Crazy Fast Theming workflow that is also crazy flexible?

Who is this for?

Designers. Themers. Architects. Project Managers. Other team members? if there really isn't a session you'd rather be at during this time-slot. :-P

This simple, yet mature, workflow is based on using a 960 grid system design and then creating a Theme from it using Omega as a foundation. Omega is crazy flexible, it has a ton of helper modules, and support for some of the best Drupal7 helping modules such as the context and features modules, plus Drush!

The session is geared towards designers/themers/architects (or team members) new to Drupal7 or anyone not yet familiar with these modules and would like to see them in action in a real world scenario.

What will be covered?

Omega supports mixed grid layouts per page (ie., you can mix 12, 16, 24, columns on ANY page). Its built on a responsive grid -- which makes sites ready for mobile ... including the ability to easily customize specific settings for Android or iOS.

I'll highlight the features in Omega and demonstrate how to leverage Omega Tools + Delta + Context modules to quickly create nearly unlimited layouts and flexibility for your next Drupal site. Best of all, besides installation, its configured completely from the Drupal Admin UI which means you can do all this without any coding!

And finally, I will show how to utilize the Features module to help with workflow in both a team or Dev > Stage > Production workflow.

About Mike Stewart

I'm a dad and a husband. I'm a geek, tinkerer, musician, a bit of an artist in an earlier life. I like philosophy and love good beer. Sometimes at the same time. I love that I can say I have a BS in Info Systems. haha. I said B.S. After a career in IT and enterprise systems, and a general freelancer, I began specializing in Drupal in 2006. Then in early 2011 I launched a start-up web shop based in Los Angeles,,, ok, technically in we're in Long Beach. Currently there's two of us and we often bring-in others on our larger projects. But we're looking to grow with other fun current-or-soon-to-be experts of their domain. Designer? Themer? Code head? Do-er? Let's connect.

Also, I'm very active in the LA Drupal community. I've been one of the main organizers since 2008. I can be found on IRC as MediaDoneRight.

Here be dragons

I'm a FOSS advocate. But don't worry, I won't advocate during my session. (much :-P)

Here's my Drupal FOSS elevator pitch:) Drupal is one of many great open source projects. However, sometimes I notice people using Drupal that are unaware of the negative proprietary and closed practices of companies like Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, Sony, Nintendo, Google, Amazon (AWS), _____ etc. In the last 10yrs FOSS many projects have grown from playing underdog and into very mature, stable, secure projects. Many FOSS projects are now considered innovators and best-of-breed. As time marches on and you're not running FOSS on your "device" for the majority of "what you do," I challenge you to really ask yourself why not? And if you continue to justify proprietary/non-free does it ultimately help or hurt you? I know, it sounds utopian. But it was only a few short years ago most Apple users had limited software choices. The world changes fast. Be a part of change for the better.


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