October 21 to 23, 2011

UC Berkeley, California

A culmination of the brightest Drupal minds in the technology hub of the world


The Prairie Initiative: Making drupal.org an effective place to collaborate

Ever since DrupalCon Chicago, a group of us within the Drupal Community have been rallying around an effort known as the Prairie Initiative. This initiative has two primary goals:

  1. Improve the collaboration tools on Drupal.org so that we can do more and better work together and make Drupal better, faster.
  2. Grow the pool of contributors by making Drupal.org a better and easier place to become a contributor - to make it less intimidating to people who want to get started contributing.

In this session, I'll talk about what the Prairie Initiative is, what it is not, what it has accomplished to date, what it's trying to accomplish in the near/medium future, and how you can get involved.

For fans of Edward Tufte, I provided a physical paper handout summarizing the presentation. I also showed a few slides with screenshots and mockups for explaining some things. I also pulled up Leisa Reichelt's slides from her Prairie presentation at DrupalCon London to give a tour of the Drupal.org onboarding UX-of-shame. ;)


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