October 21 to 23, 2011

UC Berkeley, California

A culmination of the brightest Drupal minds in the technology hub of the world


California Government, Drupal and your business:

1) Title: California Government, Drupal and your business: a. Theme: how to break in, especially during in a week economy b. Basics: The workings of today’s California government - 3 tier overview i. Note: the concepts outlined here are applicable to all states, and as such, will benefit anyone who attends ii. How Drupal might help – types of software c. Getting through the door – organizing your business model to make the cut i. Finding something you are qualified for ii. The application process iii. Preparing your application iv. Rounding up support d. Proposals i. When to write ii. How to write iii. How and with whom to submit them to iv. Flexibility works best Who is Michael Ross? Michael Ross is a 54 year old California native who has worked in or, around the California State Legislature since 1977. As a registered Lobbyist, Michael specializes in Republican based Consumer Protection Issues and has worked on the passage or defeat of over 2,500 bills, resolutions and amendments. In previous legislative sessions, Michael has weighed in on a variety of issues ranging from: Lemon Automobiles, Pet Sales and Item Pricing to Sports Franchise Relocation, Telecommunications (Sub-minute Billing), and officially defining the terms Malware and Spyware. To support his efforts, Michael is a credentialed teacher, law school graduate and hopefully budding drupal designer who has worked for not-for-profits, bought and sold domain names, run a newspaper and dabbled both international affairs and business. This legislative session, Michael focused his attention on language he is sponsoring in three measures: Financial literacy (AB 597 – Enrolled – to Governor for signature); Tax exemptions for consumers who invest in NYSE and NASDAQ companies headquartered in California (AB 577) and California’s official foreign relations stance regarding (supporting) Israel (ACR 65). 45555555

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