October 21 to 23, 2011

UC Berkeley, California

A culmination of the brightest Drupal minds in the technology hub of the world


Building a Drupal Theme from Scratch using 960 Grid

Using 960 Grid, it is much easier and faster to build a web page than it is to build without it. By using 960 Grid, you also automatically solve the many tedious issues of CSS, especially where browser compatibility is an issue. With just a small amount of CSS knowledge, you can build great web pages. In the first half of the session, we will build a basic web page.

Then, taking that webpage, we will create a brand new theme totally from scratch. (Drupal 6.x). We'll start with a totally empty .info file and using the webpage we created, build the page.tpl.php template page. By the end of the 2nd half of the session, we'll have a working template.

The session will be easier to follow if you know a little bit about CSS and the PHP we use will be limited to "<? print $variableName; ?>", so you won't need to know much about that.


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Dwinelle 160