October 21 to 23, 2011

UC Berkeley, California

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Drupal Coworking BoF: The State of Drupal and Coworking

About this BoF

The idea of a Drupal coworking / hackerspace in Los Angeles was introduced during the opening announcements at DrupalCamp LA 2010 and again this year at Drupal Design Camp LA. Since then, a few LA Drupal members got together and created Droplabs, a Drupal event and coworking space.

  • Are you an independent developer who would love to have fellow Drupaleros and Druaplistas working at your side?
  • Do you already know about coworking and are looking for a space?
  • Are you new to coworking and would like to learn more about it?

Several of the Droplabs founders will be in attendance at DrupalCamp LA and at this BoF. Come meet like-minded members of the community and discuss the state of Drupal and coworking!

About Droplabs

Droplabs is a collaborative Drupal event and coworking space in Downtown Los Angeles. Created in 2011 by LA Drupal members for the LA Drupal community, we are focused on serving the greater LA Drupal community, enriching the Drupal skills and lives of its members, and bringing joy to our Drupal practice.

We have been open to the public since May, 2011, and the use of our equipment and facilities, including conference room, tables and chairs, espresso machine and high-speed WiFi network, is free until our official launch. See http://groups.drupal.org/node/145934 for more details about our open beta period.

Droplabs is the host of the monthly Downtown LA Drupal meetups, LA Drupal's weekly Pro Drupal 7 Development book study group and special events including last month's Drupal job fair and Varnish 3 Release Party.

About Coworking

Here is how Wikipedia describes coworking:

Coworking is a style of work which involves a shared working environment, sometimes an office, yet independent activity. Unlike in a typical office environment, those coworking are usually not employed by the same organization. Typically it is attractive to work-at-home professionals, independent contractors, or people who travel frequently who end up working in relative isolation. Coworking is the social gathering of a group of people, who are still working independently, but who share values, and who are interested in the synergy that can happen from working with talented people in the same space.

Would you like to co-present?

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About the presenters

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